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Jack Williamson

On Edmond Hamilton

       I first knew Edmond Hamilton from his story, "The Comet Doom,"
  in Amazing Stories. I got his address from Jerry Seigel, who later created
  Superman, wrote him, and found that we had kindred interests. We met in
  Minneapolis in the summer of 1931, bought an outboard motorboat, went
  down the Mississippi together, and became lifelong friends.

       He was a popular and prolific pulp writer. He told me that Weird Tales
  had bought 40 stories with never a rejection. His Space Patrol tales in Weird Tales
  were reprinted the first space opera. He wrote most of the Captain Future novels.
  His early work was save-the-world adventure, done at white heat and sometimes
  without much regard for literary finish. Later, after his marriage to Leigh
  Brackett, he wrote with more care for character and style. He was a pioneer,
  loved by his fans and important in the history of modern science fiction.

October 19, 1998         

Jack Williamson         

    Picture from Grolier Science Fiction : the Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Fiction [CD-ROM], c1995


Brief Career of Jack Williamson

    Williamson, John Stewart, 1908-    (Jack Williamson: pseudonym, Will Stewart)

Born April 29, 1908-, in Bisbee, Arizona Territory
  (now the state of Arizona)
West Texas State Teacher College, 1928-30;
Univ. of New Mexico, 1932-33;
Eastern New Mexico Univ., B.A. and M.A., 1957;
Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, Ph.D., 1964

Fantasty and SF writer, 1928-
News Tribune, Portales, N.M., wire editor, 1947
  creator of comic strip "Beyond Mars for New York
  Sunday   news, 1953-56
New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, instructor in English,
Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, instructor in English, 1957-59,
Eastern New Mexico Univ., Portales, associate professor,
  1960-69, Professor, 1969-77
currently Distinguished Research Professor in English.
Guest of Honor, 25th World SF Convention, Miami, Florida,
  1977, and at numeroous regional conventions.

Science Fiction Writers of America (president, 1978-80)
National Council of Teachers of English, Masons, Rotary Club

Awards, Honors:
First Fondom SF Hall of Fame Award, 1968
Pilgrim Award, from Science Fiction Research Association,
Grand Master of Award for lifetime achivement, from
  Science Fiction Writers of America, 1976
Hugo Award, 1985, for Wonder's Child: My Lfe in
  Science Fiction
Forry Award, from the Los Angels Science Fiction Society,
The World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Archivement at the
  World Fantasy Convention, 1994

  The Legion of Space (1933)
  The Legion of Time (1938)
  Darker than You Think (1940)
  Wonder's Child (1984) autobiography
  The Black Sun (1997)

His Autobiography: Wonder's Child

Wonder's Child

  Contemporary Authors, New Revision, Vol. 23 (1988), etc. 

at 92nd Birthday Occasion@

   At his 92nd Occasion of Birthday, April 29th 2000 
©Richard Hauptmann


at His 92nd Birthday Party@

He poses with a hand-made glassHumanoid,
commissioned and sent to him by an Italian fan.

At his 92nd Birthday Party, April 29th 2000
©Richard Hauptmann

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Appendix of The Work of Jack Williamson: an Annotated Bibliography and Guide,
  by Richard A. Hauptmann, The NESFA Press, 1998

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